What To Target During A Whole House Renovation

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Whole house remodeling can sound like an aggressive approach to renovation. However, tackling the entire job in one shot will almost always save significant time, money, and headaches. If you're planning a whole house renovation, though, it's important to have a target list. Remodeling these five features should be a top priority.


Every other aspect of whole house remodeling will be moot if the structure doesn't hold up well. Renovating the entire house tends to be an aggressive project so the smart move is to tear everything down to the studs and supports. Get a look at what structural issues the house has in the floor and basement, too. There will never be a better time to clean up a structural problem than right now. Also, if you can trust the structure to hold up, then you can trust that the rest of the remodel will have a good base.

Utility Systems

This is also an excellent opportunity to upgrade all of the utility systems in the house. Wiring and plumbing usually are pretty dated by the time you start a whole house remodeling effort. Modern products allow you to run wires and pipes more safely than ever before. Likewise, modern products offer immense physical flexibility so you can run wires and pipes anywhere in the house. If you want to move the sink and shower to the other side of the bathroom, for example, this is your opportunity to run the plumbing correctly.

Efficiency upgrades are also wise during a whole house renovation. Removing the old air vents and replacing them with modern systems will provide greater control over heating and cooling. You can add a high-efficiency HVAC unit, too. Upgrading an older lighting system to modern LEDs will also make a big difference.


If you don't do a meaningful kitchen renovation, it's going to be hard to call to say you remodeled the whole house. The kitchen is the centerpiece of nearly any major home remodel. During a renovation of the entire house, you also have the opportunity to change the kitchen's footprint and open it up.


No major remodel would be complete without the bathroom. You can modernize the fixture and breathe new life into the space. If you've wanted more storage for towels, get it now. The shower and bathtub area should get a serious facelift, too.


You will want the outside to say that you did a total remodel. From new roofing shingles to fresh paint and shutters, use the exterior to announce what you did.

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