Want A Little Island Life In Your Back Yard? Build A Tiki Hut For You And Your Family

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Traveling to exotic islands is a great vacation but also very expensive. If you like the island life but it is not in your budget to travel, you can build a tiki hut and put it in your yard. You should consider hiring a professional builder to build and install your tiki hut to ensure it is constructed properly. Below is information on how they do this, as well as tips on maintaining the tiki hut. 

Choose the Type

When it comes to tiki huts, there are different styles to choose from. A tiki hit has a thatched roof and is supported with bamboo or wood poles. A common type of roofing that is used is red grass or palm leaves that are sewn into panels to secure the materials. There are different types of palm leaves to choose from, such as palmate and pinnate. The panels come in a variety of colors, such as yellows, browns, and greens so you can match the panels to the décor surrounding the tiki hut. 

You need to choose the size you want the tiki hut to be, as well as the shape. You can find a single, straight shape or choose a double L-shape. Install countertops if you want to serve drinks to guests. You should also install an umbrella over the tiki hut to protect you, your family, and friends from the harmful sun's rays. This also protects you if it rains as you will not get wet. Both wooden and bamboo poles work well to provide stability. It will come down to what you think looks best for your tiki hut. The contractor can likely install and set up your tiki hut in a few days depending on how large it is. 

Tiki Hut Maintenance

Consider installing a mesh netting over the tiki hut roof. This is because birds may land on the roof and cause damage to the palm or whatever material you choose. You can find clear netting so it will not be noticeable. 

One thing to consider is there are insects drawn to the warm thatch roof. One common insect is caterpillars. They like to feed on palm leaves or red grass. If not taken care of, caterpillars can cause damage to the roof resulting in expensive repairs or replacement. To prevent caterpillars from invading the roof, you can apply a special type of insecticide to the roof. Contact a pest control company to help you choose the right insecticide that will kill caterpillars. 

For more information, contact a local tiki hut builder

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