Working With A Custom Home Builder For The First Time

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Working with a custom home builder is not necessarily difficult, but it is also not something most people do more than once or twice in their lives. As such, it's normal for you to be a bit intimidated or unsure about the process. A little guidance can go a long way. Here are some top tips that should come in handy as you work with a custom home builder.

Share your budget from day one.

Building a home can cost a lot, a little, or somewhere inbetween. It's not unusual for costs to climb to a point that's uncomfortable, and then the customer has to make cuts and scale back. To keep things simpler, make sure you tell the builders what your budget is from day one. Be clear when explaining that this is the absolute maximum you can spend. This way, your builders can recommend materials, designs, and layouts that fit within your budget, and you're less likely to have to make changes and cuts later on.

Review designs thoroughly before approving them.

Making changes once the building is underway can be costly and time-consuming. For example, you might think you're just changing the size of the counter, but the change you want may require changes to the cabinets, flooring, and layout as well. The fewer changes you can make, the lower your building costs will be, and the sooner your home will be finished. So, when the builder presents you with drawings and plans, make sure you review them thoroughly and carefully before approving them. If you have questions about the plans, ask them before approving the drawings.

Consider the future.

You want your home to not only satisfy your needs right now but also in the future. So, as you sit down and start designing your home, try to think ahead. Are you planning on having a child? You may need to add another room to the home. Are you thinking of adopting a dog soon? Then you may want to choose flooring that's easy to clean and include a deep washing sink in the laundry room. Planning for the future will ensure you're happy in this home for years to come.

Working with a custom home builder can actually be fun, but you need to plan ahead and be proactive about considering costs. Talk to your builders to learn more; most are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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