Reclaimed Wood For Home Upgrades

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An accent wall, cabinetry, bar seats, and more can be constructed from reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is a sustainable material that can be used to beautify a room that is decorated with modern or classic design elements. 

Cleaning And Treating Wood

A contractor who uses reclaimed wood products may feature these building materials for less than what custom pieces of new wood would cost. A contractor will either outsource materials from a company that recycles wood or will acquire wooden components themselves and will prepare them for the construction of a new item. Cleaning and treating wood are two steps that are typically conducted during the repurposing process.

Cleaning the wood ensures that insect infestations, dirt, and other foreign substances are not present on wooden pieces. Treating wood involves the use of a protectant. Reclaimed products can be stained or can have a clear coat of sealant added to them.

Some people may prefer rough edges and grainy textures. This would require the use of reclaimed products that haven't been sanded down in their entirety. Other people may prefer a more contemporary and uniform appearance, which would require a sanding process and an even coating of stain and sealant for each reclaimed wooden product.

Project Ideas

Use reclaimed wood to bring warmth to a home office or den. Wooden beams can be used to create a symmetrical pattern along one wall. The beams can run horizontally or vertically along the wall. After a contractor has installed the wooden wall covering, they can use framing pieces that are a different color and material, to outline the wall. Reclaimed wood can be used to create floating shelves. The shelves can be suspended along the wall that contains reclaimed wooden beams.

Family photos, books, and decor items can be displayed on the shelves. If a wood crafter is being hired to construct some unique furniture pieces, reclaimed wood materials can be used to make some custom pieces. Reclaimed wood can be used to create a series of cabinets. The cabinets can be used to store office supplies, media supplies, or other personal possessions that are currently taking up a lot of space in an office or a den.

Wooden cabinets can be stained to match the other reclaimed wooden items that are being installed in the same room. If a home bar is set up in the corner of a room, reclaimed wood can be used to create beautiful rustic bar stools.

Contact a local contractor to learn more about using reclaimed wood in your home. 

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