Residential Foundation Repair Services: 4 Solutions Your Contractor Can Offer To Fix Gaps Around Molding

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Gaps between molding and walls inside your home are a common problem. They can make your house look unsightly and be indicative of a more serious underlying issue. Fortunately, there are various residential foundation repair services available to fix these gaps. A competent contractor will assess the problem, identify the cause, and recommend an effective solution. Here are four solutions a residential foundation repair contractor can offer to address issues with gaps around the molding.

Resurface the Wall

Resurfacing a wall is a common foundation repair solution. The service involves smoothing out the wall and giving it a fresh, even finish. The contractor may use joint compound or mortar, depending on the type of foundation and wall material. The solution can help correct large gaps around the molding, giving it a much more polished look. The contractor may also paint the walls after resurfacing to finish the job.

Install a Structural Support Beam

If the gaps around the molding are indicative of a structural issue, the contractor may suggest installing a support beam. The solution is especially useful if the foundation has shifted or been damaged due to a natural disaster. The support beam can provide additional stability, reducing the gaps around the wall and molding. If the contractor identifies a structural issue, other services such as underpinning may also be recommended.

Structural Realignment

Structural realignment involves realigning the foundation, walls, and floor to restore their original shape and position. The solution can correct large gaps or cracks that have formed over time due to wear and tear or a natural disaster. It's an ideal solution for areas with severe structural damage, as it can help restore the walls and molding to their original condition.

Inject Foam Into the Walls

In some cases, a contractor may suggest injecting foam into the walls. This solution helps to fill in any gaps or cracks around the molding, providing additional stability and preventing further damage. The injected foam can also help to insulate the wall and prevent heat loss, making it an energy-efficient option for homeowners.

Residential foundation repair services can be an effective solution for gaps around the molding. Consult with a qualified contractor to determine the cause of the problem and recommend the best possible solution. From resurfacing the walls to installing support beams, there are various services designed to correct and restore your home's foundation. Contact a credible contractor today to learn more about the options available. 

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