The Durable Choice: Why Stucco Should Be Your New Home's Exterior Finish

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There are many advantages to choosing stucco for the exterior finish of your new home. It is low maintenance, fire-resistant, and energy-efficient. Stucco also has a timeless, classic look that will add curb appeal to any home. However, it's essential to understand the installation process and what it entails before making your decision. 

Here's what you need to know:

Stucco Basics

Stucco is a plaster made from cement, sand, and water. It can be applied to various surfaces, such as concrete blocks, brick, or wood frames. Stucco is typically applied in three layers: a scratch coat, a brown coat, and a finish coat.

Preparing for a Stucco Application

The first step in the stucco installation process is preparing the surface. The framing must be completed when the stucco is applied to a new structure. Once the framing is done, a moisture barrier is applied to the surface to prevent moisture from penetrating the walls and causing damage.

Scratch Coat Installation

Next, a scratch coat of stucco is applied to the surface. The scratch coat is thin and must cure for at least a full day. Its purpose is to create a rough surface for the brown coat to adhere to.

Brown Coat Installation

After the scratch coat is dry, the brown coat is applied. The purpose of the brown coat is to provide a smooth surface for the finish coat. Once the brown coat is applied, it is allowed to cure for another full day.

Finish Coat Installation

Finally, the finish coat is applied. The finish coat is the layer of stucco that will be visible, so it must be smooth and free of imperfections. It is applied using a float and trowel, which gives the stucco a smooth, finished look. The finish coat should dry for at least a few days before painting.

Painting Stucco

Once the stucco is dry and cured, it can be painted in any color of your choice. This is an essential step in the process, as the paint will protect the stucco from the elements and help it last for many years. With proper installation, stucco can last many years and provide a beautiful, durable finish for your new home.

Stucco Installation Is Never a DIY Project

It's vital to note that the stucco installation process is labor-intensive and requires a certain level of skill and experience. It is not recommended that a homeowner attempt this process on their own. Hiring a professional stucco contractor who is licensed and has experience installing stucco is always the best option.

Contact a local stucco service to learn more. 

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