Stucco Repair: What You Need To Know About EIFS Fracture

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Damage to your home can get worse quickly, and that's why quick repairs are essential. Stucco repair is a necessary step in preserving your home's look and value.

Stucco repair involves the repair of Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS), which are used to provide protection from the elements while providing an aesthetically pleasing finish to buildings. Here's what you need to know about EIFS fracture and repair.

What Are EIFS?

EIFS are made up of several layers that are applied to the exterior of a building. The first layer is a base coat made of Portland cement, sand, and water. This creates a strong base for the other layers.

The second layer is an expanded polystyrene foam board which provides insulation and strength to the system. This layer is then covered with a mesh reinforcement fabric followed by a finish coat. 

The finish coat is what gives the building its attractive appearance and also provides additional protection from moisture and the elements.

What Causes EIFS Fracture?

EIFS fracture can occur when the system becomes damaged due to physical impact, water infiltration, or extreme weather conditions.

In addition, improper installation of the system can also cause a fracture. Poorly applied mortar or incorrect application of the finish coat can lead to cracks and other damage.

What Is the Process for Stucco Repair?

Repairing stucco requires a few steps. First, the damaged area must be carefully inspected to determine the severity of the problem.

Then, any existing cracks must be patched and the area must be thoroughly cleaned before any repair work can begin.

Next, the damaged area must be re-mortared with a special Portland cement mortar that is designed specifically for EIFS repairs.

Once this is complete, it is important to apply a finish coat in order to ensure a consistent look across the entire surface.

Finally, a professional will inspect the repairs to make sure that they meet the standards of quality and safety.

Meet With a Stucco Repair Professional

Stucco repair is an important part of preserving the appearance and value of your home or building. Understanding the basics of EIFS fracture and repair will help you ensure that your stucco systems are properly maintained and repaired in order to keep your home looking great and functioning well.

For any major repair work, it's important to consult a professional who is experienced in stucco repair. They can inspect the damage, provide advice on the best solution, and complete the repairs safely to ensure that your home or building remains attractive and structurally sound.

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