Talk To A Re-Roofing Specialist About Putting A Second Layer Of Shingles On Your Roof

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If your roof is old and you're thinking of replacing it, re-roofing might be an option to consider instead. Re-roofing is when the roofer puts a new layer of shingles over the old shingles. You could even have a metal roof put over old shingles. A re-roofing specialist should examine your roof first to make sure this is a good idea. Here's when re-roofing might be an option, why you might want to do it, and an overview of how it's done.

When You Might Re-Roof Your House

Re-roofing specialists want to make sure a roof is in good shape before putting on a new layer of shingles. Your roofer may check the deck to make sure it doesn't have water damage first. Although your old shingles may be worn out, the deck has to be good for re-roofing to work.

Also, local building codes regulate when re-roofing can be done. You can usually have just two layers of shingles, so if your roof just has a single layer of roofing, then a second layer will probably be acceptable.

Why You Should Consider Re-Roofing

When the old roof doesn't have to be torn off first, getting a new roof goes quicker. Plus, the cost should be lower because there will be less labor involved. There will also be less noise and disruption since tearing off old shingles and throwing them in a dumpster is messy and noisy.

How Re-Roofing Is Done

Your re-roofing specialist will explain how the new roof is put on so you understand everything that will happen. Some re-roofing specialists put underlayment down so the shingles have a smooth surface to go over and the roof has added rain protection, while other roofers may just apply the new shingles directly over the old ones.

They start by cleaning debris off of the old roof and putting down the underlayment if they'll use it. Then shingles go on starting at the roof edge and working to the top, the same way that shingles are applied for the first time. However, the roofer may need to use longer roofing nails to make sure the nails go through both layers of shingles and attach to the deck. The roofer may apply new flashing or keep the old flashing if it's in good shape.

When the shingles are on, you can't tell there are two layers. Your roof will look like it has a fresh new appearance, and the shingles should last for years. If you have re-roofing done, keep in mind your entire roof needs to come off next time since re-roofing can only be done once.

For more information. contact a re-roofing specialist in your area.

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