Important Things to Know About Using Hydro Jetting to Have Sewer Cleaning Done

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If you need to have sewer cleaning done because of a clog, or if you want to be proactive by having sewer cleaning done before any clogs become an issue, then you might be looking into hydro jetting. If you haven't had sewer cleaning done with hydro jetting before, these are the most important things for you to know:

Your Plumbing Will Need to Be Checked First

First of all, you should know that hydro jetting is a good option for many types of plumbing. However, it's not a good option for all types of plumbing. Because of the high-pressure water that will be sent through your plumbing pipes, you will first need to be sure that you have good-quality plumbing pipes that can withstand these high levels of water pressure. You don't have to try to make this decision on your own, since a sewer cleaning professional should be more than happy to check your plumbing before they ever start making use of hydro jetting methods.

The Most Effective Way of Having Sewer Cleaning Done

Next, you should know that hydro jetting is considered by many professionals and homeowners to be the single best way to have sewer cleaning done. This is because chemicals don't have to be used, yet the high-pressure water is typically quite effective at cleaning out pipes. It can help with removing pretty much everything that might be causing a clog or that might cause a clog in the future.

It Should Only Be Done By a Professional

It might seem like a no-brainer to use high-pressure water to clean out your sewer lines, so you might think it's something that you can do yourself, particularly if you have a pressure washer or some other type of high-pressure equipment. However, you should know that special equipment has to be used during the sewer cleaning process. Special processes have to be followed to ensure the job is done thoroughly and in a safe and sanitary manner.

Other Methods Might Still Be Used

Typically, hydro jetting can help with completely clearing out your sewer lines. From time to time, however, it's possible that there will be remnants of a clog lying around in your pipes that cannot be removed with hydro jetting for some reason. If this happens, an auger or snake might have to be used, or the sewer cleaning professional might use other techniques. When they get finished, you shouldn't have to worry about any clogs in your sewer lines, whether the job was done with hydro jetting alone or some other combination of cleaning methods.

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