Understanding The Process Of Substation Painting And Its Importance

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Substations are a crucial component of the energy distribution network in the country. They make it possible to transform high-voltage power into low-voltage power and direct the flow of current where it should go. Since the substations are in different parts of the country, sometimes they can go for months without attention and maintenance. As a result, they might accumulate dirt and debris and start deteriorating faster than they should. One of the easy ways to maintain a substation is by repainting it when needed. Learn the painting process and techniques used as well as benefits of painting your unit. 

The Painting Process

The process of painting a substation is different from performing other painting processes. The substations have a flow of high-voltage electricity, which makes the painting process hazardous. Professionals recommend that you understand all the safety risks of the process before attempting it. To start the painting process, you need to clean the area around the sub-station. Generally, most people will use a pressure cleaning machine to remove all the accumulated dirt and grime from the system. After cleaning the surface, they will prime it. They then use a process known as flow-coating to cover every part of the station with the first coat of paint. After the first few coats, they will add a final coat made of a poly-silicone material. The material works perfectly in protecting the sub-station from further paint damage. 

The Importance of the Process

The substation will fail when you leave it without proper maintenance for extended periods. Generally, the stations become more dangerous when you leave them unattended for a long time. Dust and other corrosive substances will collect on the surface and lead to rusting and corrosion. However, you can always paint your substation in colors like white and lighter tones. These are excellent because they deflect the sunlight away from the station and maintain their excellent performance. 

Techniques Used to Paint 

It is also good to look at the techniques commonly used when painting the substation. One of the most popular ones is flow-coating. This method involves starting the paint flow from the top and allowing it to trickle downward. It works because it does not lead to any buildup. A professional will know how to handle the process correctly to avoid making mistakes.

Taking care of substations means you can enjoy a quality power supply for a long time. Consult with professionals in the field about the best products and techniques. They will guide you on how to achieve the ideal outcome. Look into substation painting near you.

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