Why You Should Opt To Hydro Jet Your Clogged Pipes

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Dealing with clogged drain pipes and sewer lines can be a nuisance. While you can use a plumbing snake or chemicals to dislodge the clogs, they aren't that efficient. You may want to try hydro jetting as it's more efficient than other plumbing procedures. Here is why you should try hydro jetting instead of DIY techniques.

Thorough Pipe Cleaning

The purpose of hydro jetting isn't only to unclog your drains, it can also help clean your drain pipes and sewer lines thoroughly. The pressurized water can dislodge any residue stuck on the pipes. At least your pipes won't be left with oil or grease at the end of the procedure. Besides, you'll no longer have to worry about clogs recurring in the future.

Removes Bacteria

Have you ever wondered why your sink or bathtub drain always smells terrible? Well, the foul smell is caused by bacteria accumulation. The bacteria will try breaking down the organic waste lodged in the drain pipes. As a result, a putrid odor will emanate from the drains.

By hydro jetting your drain pipes, the bacteria will be washed away together with the grease, soap, and scum buildup. You no longer have to deal with putrid odors if you embrace the hydro jet pipe cleaning technique.

Protect Your Drain Pipes

The use of hydro jetting helps protect your drain pipes. PVC drain pipes are pretty delicate—you are advised not to use harsh chemical drain cleaners to dislodge clogs. These chemicals can degrade your pipes over time and reduce their lifespan. 

Fortunately, hydro jetting doesn't harm your drain pipes in any way. As much as you are using pressurized water, the pipes will remain intact and strong.

It's Economical

Most homeowners choose to use drain snakes or cheap drain cleaners to save money. The results of these methods are often short-lived. You may frequently pay plumbers to unclog your drains and inspect your septic system. You can avoid such losses by having your drain pipes hydro jetted once or twice a year.

It's Environmentally Friendly

You should consider choosing hydro jetting over other drain cleaning methods if you care for the environment. Unlike other techniques, hydro jet pipe cleaning doesn't use any chemicals that may harm the environment. You don't have to fret about chemicals contaminating the surrounding water. 

If clogs have been a constant threat in your home, you shouldn't hesitate to invest in hydro jet pipe cleaning. 

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