Can You Install A Custom Awning In A Difficult Spot?

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For contractors who install awnings, the easiest jobs are the ones where there is a flat wall in an open and accessible area where they can assemble everything and go. Not all projects are so simple, but custom awnings offer hope for even the toughest locations. If you're trying to figure out how to make it work, a contractor can help you assess these four issues.


By far the strongest argument for a custom solution is if you're dealing with a place that has an odd shape. If you want to install an awning on a curved feature near a patio, for example, it takes planning. The contractor will have to figure out how the awning will unfold to prevent ripping or sagging.

However, this tends to just be a matter of taking very good measurements. The contractor will have to get the dimensions right so you can achieve a tight fit. Likewise, they may need to think about where to install the mechanisms for motorized systems. Still, the job is very possible in most cases.


Some awnings will also need support, especially if they're big. In extreme cases, you may need to install rails to support a large and heavy awning. This is especially true with retractable awnings, which often have self-supporting mechanical components. Those components sometimes need support when the structure gets to certain distances, but a contractor can help you determine if that level of customization might be necessary.

Additional Features

It is possible to include other features. Many customers integrate awnings with pergolas, for example. This provides a visually appealing and highly structural solution regardless of whether the awning is deployed.

Similarly, contractors can often incorporate retractable screens with the rest of the system. This adds more complexity in terms of deploying the screen without tearing it, but the deployment sequence isn't radically different once all the parts come together. You may have to deal with a few manual adjustments to secure the screen after each deployment, but the final product tends to operate simply enough.


While some awnings are permanent features, many people favor retractable solutions. This means the elements of the awning has to go somewhere. Some models roll up, and others retract into large boxes. If you wish to use a more structural solution, it's often possible for contractors to create custom awnings that retract into the side of the house. 

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