What Contractors Should Consider Before Carrying A Cabinet Brand

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Many kitchen remodeling contractors do not make their own cabinets. Instead, they carry and install another brand's cabinet line. If you're a kitchen remodeling contractor, you might be thinking about doing the same. But what brand of cabinets should you carry? Here are a few things to consider when selecting a brand.

Does the brand offer finishes that are popular with your customers?

Some cabinet lines only come painted. Others only come with natural finishes. Some brands offer both painted and natural finish lines. You want to make sure the brand you carry offers finishes that your customers prefer. For example, if most of your customers want painted cabinets, you want to choose a brand that offers a lot of different painted finish options over one that focuses on natural finishes.

Do your installers find the cabinets easy to work with?

Some brands send their cabinets out partially assembled, expecting the installer to finish assembling them. Others send their cabinets in a more finished state. Ask to see some of the cabinets in the state in which they would be delivered to you. Have your installers look them over, and ask if your installers will feel comfortable and confident installing those cabinets. You want cabinets that your installers can work with easily since this will yield better results.

How fast is the cabinet company's turnaround time?

Ask the cabinet company how long it typically takes them to fill an order. Some companies might be able to get you cabinets within days, while other companies might take a few weeks to fill an order. It's important that the cabinet maker's timeline fits with your own. You will also need to figure out how to structure your own installation schedule around the cabinet company's schedule.

Does the cabinet company include hardware?

Sometimes the cabinet maker chooses and provides hardware for their cabinets. Other times, you or the homeowner are expected to choose, provide, and install the hardware. Either approach is fine in most cases, but it is important to know what you can expect from the beginning. You also have to consider whether or not hardware is included when deciding whether certain cabinets are worth the price.

In most areas, there are a few different cabinet companies you can choose from. Consider the information above as you select a brand to install as a part of your remodeling services. With a good cabinet brand, you'll go far.

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