FAQ About Mudjacking Sunken Hardscapes

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Is the exterior of your home lacking in aesthetics because the hardscapes are no longer as level as they once were? For example, has your driveway and patio areas become sunken due to normal wear and tear along with the soil settling? If you want to improve the look of your hardscapes without having to get new hardscapes constructed, hire a contractor to level the concrete out. A technique known as concrete mudjacking can be used to bring the concrete back to the right level. Continue reading if you have never heard of mudjacking and want more knowledge before investing in the repair process for your hardscapes.

What Does the Mudjacking Process Involve?

The mudjacking process involves lifting a sunken pavement by pumping a slurry of various materials into the area below the slab of concrete. The slurry commonly consists of cement, sand, or soil that is thoroughly mixed to create a firm material when it cures. Before the slurry is pumped into a sunken pavement, a few small holes will be drilled into the surface of the concrete. The slurry will then be pumped into the small holes until the desired extent of leveling has been achieved. Contractors will proceed to fill the holes after the leveling task has been completed.

Can Mudjacking Cause Pavement Damage?

The only damage that will be caused during the mudjacking process is the intentional small holes that will be made in the concrete. In some cases, mudjacking can cause damage to pavement, but a contractor will likely not perform the task if the pavement is at risk of getting damaged. For example, if there are numerous cracks in concrete pavement, mudjacking is not likely ideal for leveling the slab out. The reason is that the cracks can become worse, and it will be difficult to level out the slab of concrete in general. If your pavement is severely damaged along with being sunken, it might be in your best interest to get new pavement installed instead.

Is Mudjacking Concrete a Long Process?

The mudjacking process is not a task that will take long to complete, but it depends on the size of the pavement. The overall process should not take more than a few hours in most cases, even for a large slab of concrete. Keep in mind that the contractors will also clean up the work area before leaving your property to ensure you are not left with a big mess.

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