How Attic Insulation Is Done to Make Your Attic Ready for New Insulation

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If your attic has fiberglass batt insulation or blown insulation, and you want to get rid of it, you're looking at a pretty big job. It could take you many hours to bag up all that insulation. Plus, you have to worry about safety and spreading fibers through your house. The best way to tackle attic insulation removal is to hire a contractor to come in with professional equipment and a small crew. Here's how they might work to remove the old insulation in your attic.

Use Protective Gear

It's important to keep the work crew safe since pulling out old insulation could release fibers in the air. Plus, if the insulation has mouse urine or droppings in it, contamination could be a concern too. The workers wear protective gear so they stay safe. They may also need to take frequent breaks since working in an attic can be very hot and dangerous.

Bag Insulation By Hand

If you have fiberglass batt insulation, the workers may just roll up the blankets and then stuff the insulation in large contractor trash bags so the insulation is sealed before removing the bags from your house. Care is taken to seal off your house from the attic so insulation fibers aren't released when the batt insulation is handled.

The workers may even double bag the insulation to reduce the risk of loose fibers escaping when the bags are carried out. When completed, all traces of insulation are gone so the attic is ready to finish or have new insulation put in.

Remove Insulation With A Vacuum

Blown-in insulation can be bagged up by hand too, but that could take many hours of work. It's easier to use a commercial insulation vacuum to pull the bits of insulation from the attic and into the vacuum where the insulation can be bagged outside.

These vacuums are set up outside and they have extra-large bags attached that collect the bits of blown insulation. Using a vacuum allows the work to go as quickly as possible, and it also makes it possible to pick up stray bits of insulation so the entire attic floor is free from insulation and ready for something new.

Remove The Debris

Once the insulation is removed, you need a way to get rid of the debris. Fortunately, if you hire an attic insulation removal contractor, the contractor will haul off the old insulation and dispose of it properly. If you want to attempt removing the insulation by yourself, call your city before you start so you know how to get rid of the waste you create.

Attic insulation removal can be a big job and a lot of work, but if the old insulation is compressed, contaminated, or no longer effective, then it's probably best to remove it rather than cover it up when you have new insulation installed.

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