Garage Door Problems That May Require A Repair Service To Fix

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Having a garage to put your car in is a great way to help protect the vehicle from weather, damage, or theft. However, sometimes the garage door can become problematic and require some adjustment from a garage door repair service. Some common issues can create problems, but most are easy to take care of, so knowing when to make the call and have a service tech come work on the door is essential. 

Door Damage

Most modern garage door panels are made from aluminum and vinyl and are lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain. There are things that can damage the panels, but the modularity of the garage door makes it easy to replace a damaged panel or two if they are bent or damaged. 

Often a single panel gets bent because it gets hit by a moving vehicle when someone thinks the door is all the way open, but it is still in motion. The panels can also be bent or twisted by a hard impact on the outside of the door that may involve something else hitting the door. 

The bent panel can bind in the track and cause the door to stop moving or drag enough that the door opener senses a problem and stops. A garage door repair service can quickly replace the panel for you and realign the door to work appropriately and move smoothly through the entire cycle. The repair is often more cost effective than replacing the whole door and will only take a couple of hours to complete in most cases.

Door Opener Failures

The garage door opener that lifts and lowers your door can stop working if it is old and worn out. The electric motor in the door opener can wear out with years of use, but replacing a door opener is straightforward, and new openers are reasonably priced, depending on the features you choose. A garage door repair service can test the motor on the opener to determine if it has stopped working and can help you select a replacement unit if needed. 

Often you can reuse the mounting bracket already in place to hang the new garage door opener on, and the garage door tech can make the adjustments to the system, so the new opener works perfectly with the existing door and tracks. If you are replacing the entire opener, you may also want to consider changing to a belt-driven opener because they are smoother operating, make significantly less noise, and eliminate problems like chain stretch over time. 

The garage door repair service may recommend a door opener that they find to be more robust and have fewer problems with, but you can always pick an opener that you feel is best for your situation, and most repair services will install it for you. A company like Plano Overhead Garage Door has more information.

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