Equipping Your Home With A Sump Pump

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Water intrusion is a significant problem that can cause widespread damage to a home's interior. Luckily, there are upgrades that can be made to significantly reduce the likelihood of a house suffering this type of damage. In particular, the installation of a sump pump can be an improvement that will be able to significantly reduce the risk of water accumulating in the basement or crawlspace of the house.

What Is The Purpose Of Adding A New Sump Pump To Your Home?

The basement and crawlspace of your home are some of the areas that will be the most vulnerable to suffering significant water intrusion. In particular, it can be possible for these areas to accumulate relatively large amounts of water. A sump pump system will be able to actively expel this water from these areas of the home. Most of these systems will be automated so that they can activate as soon as water starts to collect in them. This will limit the risk of water damage occurring due to moisture seeping into the areas without requiring you to actively monitor and turn on the sump pump.

Will The Sump Pump Simply Discharge The Water Into The Yard?

Individuals may assume that a sump pump will simply expel the water from the basement or crawlspace directly into the yard. However, this is not always the case as the homeowner will have a lot of discretion over where this water is disposed of. The most effective option for this can be to connect the pump to the existing runoff management system for the property. Additionally, it is possible to install a dry well to safely dispose of the unwanted water. These options can avoid the risk of the water from the sump pump system causing excessive erosion or creating other problems for the property that could be costly to correct.

How Can You Test The Sump Pump To Ensure It Is Working?

While a sump pump system will be a reliable upgrade to make to your property, you will need to regularly test it to ensure that it is working as intended. Otherwise, you may find that the lower areas of the house had flooded. Luckily, these systems are fairly easy to test as the homeowner will simply need to dump a bucket of water into the collection drain for the system. If the sump pump is working correctly, it should activate and quickly expel the water. If it fails to activate or it struggles to remove the majority of the water that is in the drain, a service technician should be hired to evaluate and repair it. 

For more information about sump pump installation, contact a local company. 

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