You've Got A Termite Problem, Now What?

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Have you noticed signs of termite activity in your home? Shock and fear can grip anyone who finds termites in their home, and understandably so. These tiny wood-chewing insects can spread throughout a home unnoticed, leaving a trail of destruction behind.

Check out what to do (or not to do) for termite control if you suspect these pests have invaded your home. 

Do Not Attempt To Solve The Problem Yourself

Nobody wants to see their home destroyed, especially by critters that do their best to keep a low profile. 

As a homeowner, your first instinct when you spot termite activity on your property might be to attack the pests with readily available treatments such as insect sprays. While regular termite treatments offer some level of control over termites, they may not address the underlying cause of the problem. As a result, the problem may persist after treatment.

Termites can feel disruption and will quickly relocate when they are disturbed. Resist the DIY urge as your best bet for controlling the damage they can cause to your home is to let a qualified person come over to perform a thorough termite inspection of the property.

Gather Evidence Of Termite Activity

Before scheduling a termite inspection, you should ascertain that you're facing a termite infestation and not a different kind of pest problem. For instance, it's not uncommon for homeowners to mistake swarming ants for termites.

Taking photos of suspected termite damage and sending them to a pest control company will reduce the chance of paying for a termite inspection that you don't need.

Bring In An Expert

Call a local pest control specialist after taking photos of termite damage to your home. The specialist may or may not recommend a termite inspection of your home based on what they see from your photos.

If you require a termite inspection, expect to get a detailed report indicating the severity of your termite problem upon completion of the termite inspection. The termite inspection report will also recommend the appropriate treatments for the termite problem.

Termite infestations can cause significant structural damage to a home, resulting in expensive building repairs. While concern is warranted, panic is not. Knowing what to do when you see signs of a termite infestation will help you stay calm and quickly get the problem under control.

For more information about termite infestations, contact a pest control specialist. You can trust them to provide a lasting solution to your termite issue.

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