Why You Should Paint Your Stair Treads and Risers Different Colors

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There are several different ways that you can change the look of the staircase in your home. If you like the idea of having wooden stairs instead of carpet, your main options will be to stain the wood or paint it. Painting the stairs can quickly make them a focal point that adds to the overall beauty of your home. If this idea appeals to you, reach out to an interior painting professional who works in your area to discuss some ideas. They may recommend painting the stair treads and risers in different colors, rather than choosing one color for the entire staircase. Here are some reasons that using two colors is a good idea.

Easier Navigation

If you were to paint the stair treads and risers in the same color of paint, it might be difficult for some people to see where the edges of the treads end. This can especially be a concern in low-light scenarios. If you have elderly guests, you might worry that they could fail to detect the edge of a stair tread and stumble while ascending or descending your stairs. Choosing different colors for the treads and risers helps the treads to stand out more, resulting in easier and safer navigation.

Better Appearance

A staircase that is painted entirely in one color can look a bit bland. Even if you don't want the stairs to be the primary focal point in the area, you likely want them to have a stylish look. You'll almost certainly find that choosing different colors for the stair treads and risers will improve their appearance. Even choosing colors that are fairly close — for example, white for the treads and light gray for the risers — can be better than sticking with just one color.

Ability To Match

Choosing two different paint colors for the treads and risers of your home's staircase will allow you to match different colors in the area. It can be fun to look at the rooms that are visible in the area around the staircase and choose two colors that are present in these rooms. For example, you might have a room near the staircase that has off-white walls, and decide to use the same color of paint for the risers of your staircase. If the room has sage-colored curtains, you may feel that sage paint is a stylish choice for the stair treads. By choosing two different colors instead of one, it will be easier to ensure that the stairs match the surrounding space.

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