Why Rain Gutters Are An Absolute Must For Every Home

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Unless you have ever stood at your door looking for your key, with rain pouring down on your head, you probably don't give much thought to rain gutters. The thing is, gutters are much more important than keeping you dry. In fact, that is just a bonus to having them. Gutters can save your home and your yard when properly maintained. Here are the main reasons you need rain gutters, even if you live in an arid area.

Save the Foundation/House

As water flows off your roof to the ground, it seeps in and makes the ground wet. This wet ground against the foundation can cause it to become weakened. As it gets weaker and weaker it can crumble. 

Once the foundation starts to crumble, walls and floors become warped or cracked. You may find your doors and windows no longer close properly. As the walls and floors are damaged they can fall down. 

It may take a few years, but you can be sure that without properly maintained rain gutters your home is starting to fall apart. In an arid area, the concrete of the foundation and wood of the building will readily absorb any water that they can. This can result in problems faster than a home in a more wet environment.

Save the Yard

As the water pools at the base of the house, the soil can erode. If you have any vegetation planted it may get washed away or drown. Rain gutters all flow to one or two downspouts that divert the water to an area where it will not cause havoc with your yard. These downspouts will also ensure the water does not flow to your driveway or any walkways so they will not be damaged either.

If you notice water in your basement after a rain, doors or windows that are not closing properly, or have mold on your basement walls, take a look at your rain gutters. If you don't have a system in place, it is time to get one installed. If you do, It is time to have the whole system cleaned. When having it cleaned, be sure to have it checked for wholes or broken pieces. Taking care of things now will save you a lot of time and money in the future. It is much easier to install or maintain a rain gutter system than it is to have to rebuild things from the ground up.

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