Why Do Some People Still Use Heating Oil?

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In many areas, heating oil is seen as a relic from days past. Many customers these days instead heat their homes with natural gas, or sometimes with electricity. And yet, there are still customers who use and even prefer heating oil. Why? Well, as it turns out, heating oil does still come with some advantages, including the following:

Heating oil does not require a public utility connection.

In order to use natural gas or electric heating, you have to be connected to a public utility. Connecting to the natural gas line can be expensive, and natural gas companies are not even active in some areas. Heating oil is kept in a tank on your property. You just have the tank filled when it gets low. This can be done in almost any area, as long as your tank is accessible. As such, heating oil is a common choice among people who live in less populated areas where natural gas providers have not yet run lines.

Heating oil burns hotter.

Heating oil does burn at a higher temperature than natural gas. So, when you have an oil furnace or boiler, your home is likely to get warm faster. If you live in a really cold area, this might be a good choice. Heating oil also works well for people who like to turn their heat way down when they are not home. You can turn the heat back up when you get home, and your space will warm up faster than if you were to have a natural gas furnace.

Heating oil to gas conversions are expensive.

If you currently have an oil-burning furnace and it is running well, you may not want to switch to natural gas because doing so is expensive. Some companies do what's known as an oil-to-gas conversion, modifying furnaces that used to burn oil so they can burn natural gas. However, this can be expensive. There's also the option of replacing your oil-burning furnace with a gas one, but doing this while the oil-burning furnace is still working well may be silly. Thus, many homeowners just stick with oil until their oil furnace wears out, and then, they can switch to a natural gas furnace, if they want to.

Heating oil is not as common as it used to be, but it does still have its place. Heating oil burns hotter, it can be kept in a tank, and it is usually the most affordable choice if you already have an oil heater.

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