The Often-Forgotten Comfort Of Interior Doors

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People usually think about front doors when they see or hear about door replacement, and for good reason: Those front doors are a major part of the home's curb appeal. But interior doors are just as important, and if you have old, thin interior doors, you may want to think about replacing them. Interior doors play a huge role in the comfort of your home for several reasons.

Well-Fitting Doors Let People Concentrate, Sleep, and Relax

When interior doors fit well and are sturdy (and not just two pieces of thin plywood on a frame), people inside those rooms can block out more noise and distraction when they close the door. As a result, they can concentrate better, sleep better, and relax more deeply and quietly. On the flip side, if someone wants to listen to a radio or watch TV in their room without bothering others, closing the door is essential. Replacing the old, warped interior door with one that's in proper alignment with the jamb and frame is necessary.

Strong Doors May Also Help Protect You From Fire

The Fire Safety Research Institute has a program known as "Close Before You Doze," which advocates closing your bedroom door before you go to sleep. If your door is open and a fire starts in another part of the home, it's very easy for the fire to spread into your room. If you keep your door closed, you gain some time to get out through the window. Well-made doors that fit well keep that fire out for as long as possible. Even if the door burns, the fire will take more time to enter the room.

Interior Doors Offer One More Protective Layer for Documents

Got documents you want to protect? They should be in a locked file cabinet. However, if you also have a sturdy interior door (with a lock, hopefully), that adds another layer of protection. It's one more thing people have to get through if they want your files.

They Give You Better Environmental Control

These interior doors let you control the environment in the room a little more. Say you like it colder than the rest of the people in the house. They have the air conditioning set to 80F to save energy, but that's too warm for you, so you've got a portable air conditioner. Close that door, and you can keep your room a little cooler without letting most of that cooler air leak out around the door.

Door replacement for interior doors is simple. Contact a door company (these companies often sell windows, too) or a contractor who can construct doors for you if your home is older and has oddly sized doorways. 

For more info, contact a company that offers door replacement services. 

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