Designing A Roof That Lasts Longer In The Snow

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Snow is really hard on roofs. Not only is the snow heavy, but when it thaws and then re-freezes into ice, it can damage roofing elements such as shingles and flashing. For this reason, if you are having a new roof installed in an area where there is heavy or frequent snowfall, it is a good idea to ask your roofer to include the following design elements. They'll all help your roof stand up better to the snow.

Metal Drip Edge

Roofers usually put something called drip edge along the edges of the roof, beneath the shingles. This drip edge is meant to protect the wood base of the roof from moisture should a little moisture make it past the shingles. In a snowy area, this is more likely to happen, since freezing and thawing cycles can pry those edge shingles off the roof a bit. As such, you really want to use a metal drip edge in an area where snow is common. The metal gives more protection than a standard, plastic drip edge. If you're in a snowy area, there is a good chance your roofing contractor includes metal drip edge in their standard roof replacement, but it's still wise to ask and make sure.

Vents Near the Ridge

In snowy climates, you really want to pay attention to vent placement. If the ridge of your roof is not well vented, then it will become too warm. Snow at the ridge will then melt, which is not a good thing. The water will drip down towards the edge of the roof and then re-freeze, which can lead to shingle damage and gutter damage. Placing the vents closer to the ridge of the roof will help keep this part of the roof cool so you don't get the melting. If your vents are currently located further down the roof, your roofer can move them when they replace the roof.

Taller Flashing

Roofers place metal flashing around chimneys and vents. In a snowy area, it is often wise to make this flashing a bit taller. This helps keep any snow and ice from prying the flashing away from the surface. Again, your roofer may automatically use tall flashing if you're in a snowy area, but it's worth asking to be sure.

If you want your roof to last longer in the snow, make sure you adhere to the tips above. Look into roofing replacement near you.

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